The growNORTH Collaborative Research and Development program is being proposed to deliver high impact research that will lower investment barriers and enable significant capital to flow to development in the north.


The key tenets of the program include:



Agriculture (including aquaculture) will play a strategically important part in an emerging but broader transformation and development of the north. That transformation and development of the north can diversify and balance regional economies by attracting private investment, developing trade with domestic and overseas markets, sustainably drawing on natural resources, creating demand for infrastructure development, working with and creating business opportunities, improving the liveability of local communities and creating demand for new skills. Not only does strong and diverse economic development across northern Australia broaden gross domestic product, it helps in mitigating economic cycles that could otherwise be much more extreme.


growNORTH offers a long term collaborative commitment enabling many of the seemingly intractable issues about northern development to be addressed. Rigorous early analysis will identify priority precincts for agricultural and other development where pull from international and domestic market demand, supply chains and logistics align with access to productive land, water and other resources. growNORTH will design and test business models tailored to the north which reduce investment risk and attract capital flows. Technological innovation will be a focus, drawing on innovation to "change the game" and "economics" of northern development. Regional assessments for land and water use planning will be completed to harmonise policy and regulation across state and territory boundaries and ensure the unique environment, biodiversity and cultural values are protected.


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